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Main Lodge

The primary lodge is situated in the plains of the Kalahari Dessert. Here you will wake early in the morning to the very best plains game hunting in the world on your doorstep. After a day's hunt is over, be prepared to indulge in Sophia”s famous European and African cuisine.
After a delightful dinner and seeing the sun dip once more into the Kalahari red dunes, hunters will have spacious and comfortable accommodations waiting for them. Each room sleeps 2 hunters and we prefer to have no more than 6 guests at a time, this allows our guests to receive first class service by our 10+ full-time staff.
Khomas Hochland Mountains
Khomas Hochland Lodge

The Khomas Hochland Mountain resort is located 130 km (80 miles) from the Windhoek International Airport. If you take advantage of the Ultimate Africa Hunting Safari package, your hunt will start in one of the best locations for Namibian big game hunts.
This area offers the legendary hunting grounds for Kudu, Hartmann Zebra and the highly sought after Warthog. At this location you would also have the opportunity to pursue other game, such as: Klipspringer, Waterbuck, Eland, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Oryx, Burchell's Zebra and Red Hartebeest. One of the bonuses in hunting this area is if you happen to come across a Baboon or Jackal. They are free to shoot.
Jean's Place
At the lapa, you will find yourself taking a break from hunting and experiencing a quiet and delightful retreat while you eat your lunch.

As you enjoy your lunch in the wide-open space of the Kalahari Dessert, you can expect your senses to be swept away by the light breeze that makes the grasslands dance.
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