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Jean van Rooyen
Director & Hunting Guide
Johan Kotze
Director & Professional Hunter
Deon van Wyk
Director & Professional Hunter
               Natasha Kotze                  
Hostess and Accommodation
Hendrik Kotze
Professional Hunter
Morne Wessels
Accommodation Manager
Rossouw van Rooyen
Farm manager
Sophia Van Rooyen
As early morning light glistens from dew drops on the yellow grass that blanket the red Kalahari dunes, herds of oryx and springbuck leave their imprints as they traverse this seemingly endless landscapes.

For it is within this realm of surreal beauty that the true essence of the Kalahari can be experienced and enjoyed as you follow in the footspets of the San people, while stalking your quarry amidst the unspoiled beauty of this majestic land forged by a rich hunting heritage.

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