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Kirby and Sandra Reed
Kirby Reed and his wife Sandra from Las Vegas in Navada hunted with Kalahari HS the 7th time in 2021. His hunt was very successful and they took some wonderful trophies including a first KALAHARI Slam, ie Oryx, Golden Oryx, Kalahari Springbuck ,Copper,white and black springbuck. He also harvested a very rare Tsessebe bull!
Rick and Angela
We took a trip with Kalahari Hunting Sarfari in June of 2017. This was a honeymoon trip for us so we spent half our time hunting and the other half traveling and seeing the sights of Namibia. We started our trip hunting at their northern hunting ground (Khomas Hochlands).

We had a great time here with, beautful scenery, great food and wine. Jean and his team were wonderful hosts. From there we traveled for a few days. Johan was our personal guide and driver for the whole trip. It was awesome to have him drive us around and be our expert. We never had to worry about a thing the entire time.
He had accommodations and restaurants options planned a head of time but still enough flexibility that we felt like our wants were always met. We traveled to the Skeleton Cost and stayed in a nice bed and breakfast. From there we traveled to the sand dunes of Sossuslvlei. We stayed in a very nice cabin here and enjoyed a really nice candlelight dinner at the main resort. The sand dunes were beautiful! We then traveled to Johan’s main ranch in the south (Kalahari Lodge). Again, we had a great experience here. The accommodations were great and we enjoyed the food and seeing the working ranch.

My husband was very successful hunting and the guides were very helpful and knowledagable. There was plenty of game to see, as well he was able to fill his list of wants. Overall we had a wonderful trip and truly enjoyed our time. It was a very relaxed and well planned trip from start to finish. We were very well cared for in every aspect and could not have asked for a better experience for our honeymoon. Our biggest regret is that we didn’t have longer, it was a lot to fit into ten days and wished we would have given ourselves more time.
Rick and Angela from Hines , Oregen
Carl Sheeon
I have hunted with them twelve times in the past fourteen years and am returning in May of this year. That is a great vote of confidence from me.  The amount and quality of the game is exceptional. On these hunts, they will strive to find the best trophies possible. The care of trophies harvested is also important and is handled very professionally.

Accommodations and meals are very good. Clients will be housed in their own room, if alone, or with a partner if hunting together. Meals are served "family style" and lean heavily on game meat as well as local beef and lamb. The food is GREAT!
The terrain is varied. Depending on the hunt selected, a hunter may be in the mountains, the bushveld or the desert. On some hunts, all these types of geography may be encountered.  I highly recommend Kalahari Hunting Safaris. They are an exceptional outfit!  Carl Sheeon - February 2018
Rick Bunnell   
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my last hunt with all of you.
This was my fifth hunt with you and they just get better each time. I had previously hunted Africa and I can tell you, your facilities, animals, and personal are by far the best.

I have stopped looking for other outfitters to book with as I am convinced I could never find one to top yours. The hospitality you have shown to me makes me feel like one of the family and not just a client. Hope to keep bringing my family and friends to hunt with you for many more years to come. Looking forward to this years hunt.  Thank you so much, Rick Bunnell Roseburg, OR
David Skerbetz
Kalahari Hunting Safaris, the best people, hunting and food. The most important aspect of my travels to Namibia are the great friendships I have formed with the people associated with Kalahari Hunting Safaris !

Regards, David   
Andy Kyriakidis
Kalahari hunting saffari is a one of a kind place that captures your spirits, I made my first trip some 8 years ago and have made a total of 9 trips to Africa from the khomas region of Namibia to the Kalahari to other areas in South Africa.

I keep returning to Namibia and Kalahari hunting saffari. The only problem you will have is the desire to go back as once Is never enough.
First the guides Johan, Hendrik will treat you like family with great food, excellent sleeping arrangements and abundant game from the gray ghost of the bush to the elusive mountain zebras to hurds of over 300 gemsbok very common. It’s one of the best places in the world to collect a giant gemsbok a 38” bull is a typical animal.

Giant Kudus can bring a challenging hunt and a host of other plains game makes this area a must see and hunt. I will be returning to my second family in namibia very soon and urge anyone that wants to see a truly incredible place to visit Kalahari hunting safari.
Hans Beck
Hans Beck joined by his wife Anni hunted in the Khomas Hochland in August 2015. Hentie and Hilda-Marie Burger joined us for the weekend.  

Hans is a retired Forester and lives in Biberach-an-der-Riss in Germany. It was his third time hunting in Namibia and he has taken good trophies before including an excellent Kalahari Oryx.
This time the grey ghost of Namibia was high on his priority list. Third time lucky?! He took a dream Kudu in the very remote Khomas Hochland mountains west of Windhoek. The atmosphere around the campfire that night was you can imagine “sehr gemutlich”

I hunted with him in Sud Tirol looking for Gems and Hirsch and what a wonderful privilege to hunt in the Alps!  Hans also took a warthog on this trip.   Congratulations Hans. You deserved this trophy. See you next year?  Jean van Rooyen
On Sunday 26th of April 2015 one of South Africa’s top solo artists, Jay, arrived on the Kalahari farm, Kweekwal, for a hunting experience any hunter dream of! As a guest of Kalahari Game Breeders he spent 2 days hunting with Kalahari Hunting Safaris.

His PH was Johan Kotze and the Kalahari jewels Gemsbuck and Springbuck were on his wishing list.
After lunch, Jay took his .308 rifle Remington Mod 700 Varminter. He used 165 gr Spartan BTSP bullets loaded with 39.2 gr S 335.
We drove to the neighbouring farm, Langvlakte, known for its exceptional oryx and springbuck. Soon a suitable springbuck ram was spotted and Jay took the shot at a distance of 450 yards! It was a perfect shot in the chest, penetrating the heart. Everybody complimented Jay on his shot and after a lot of photos and back slapping, we continued the hunt in search of a big oryx bull. We searched for a while and finally found a big herd of oryx which showed a lot of potential.

We identified the perfect target and began to isolate him from the others. We spotted and stalked the bull, he ran over a dune and offered a shot. Jay took the shot at 380 yards on the shoulder penetrating the heart yet again and the 39 ⅝ inch bull was down.

We went back to the lodge at Kweekwal where we made a fire and had some well deserved cold ones to celebrate and look back on a wonderful hunt in the Kalahari. We made a lovely braai using the freshly shot game meat. Jay confirmed that he would be back again soon as he has had was a wonderful experience. We all salute this young man on a great hunt and shot placement.
The Oryx trophy will be a memory of a great time and new friends made.
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